Birmingham In Action: Tackling five global challenges

More than half a million people around the globe came together as a force for change in October, for the launch of the University’s new volunteering and fundraising campaign, Birmingham In Action.

Birmingham In Action aims to help tackle five of the biggest challenges facing society, through our revolutionary research and by giving more young people the chance to fulfil their potential through education.

Alumni, students and staff are volunteering their expertise and making gifts to support the programme they care about most.

Download your ‘I CARE ABOUT’ board, find out what your community cares about, and read about the Campaign Makers who are giving their time to support others.

The difference universities make in the world

At Birmingham, our experts are working every day to turn research into action, and expand the opportunity to learn even further, to those who need it most. Universities are where many of the great changes in the world are born; where we create new solutions to the world’s problems, and share knowledge with the next generation. 

Every donation of time or money makes a difference

Join Birmingham In Action to help tackle our world’s big challenges and transform lives for our generation and the next. 100% of your gift goes directly to support students or research.