Action taken: the difference you are making

So many of you have given time or made donations to the Birmingham In Action campaign, helping to take action on access to education, the environment, youth mental health, cancer, COVID-19, migration and more.

Together you have donated more than £62 million to support students and vital research, and supported more than 7,600 students.

Graph showing that alumni and friends have donated £16 million to the area of greatest need, £4 million to reserach into cancer, £12 million to environment research, £11 million to student support, £2 million to mental health research and £16.5 million to global communities work5,693 alumni have volunteered, which means

  • 81,386 hours of volunteering (that’s more than nine years)
  • 3,700 students mentored
  • 1,998 alumni sharing their expertise in guest lectures etc

Major new initiatives funded as part of Birmingham In Action include:

  • Research into a rare childhood cancer is being funded by charity Alice’s Arc
  • Work preventing school bullying is being funded by HSBC UK, to address long term mental health issues
  • A new research centre focused on supporting youth mental health is being funded by the Wolfson Foundation

Tackling urgent problems and making gifts for the long term

  • 965 of you donated a total of £123,152 this summer to find new treatments for cancer
  • Since 2019, legacy gifts in wills have given £1 million towards supporting students, a new online medical teaching platform, a new space for our entrepreneurs to thrive and much more. Legacy pledger Rosemary Harris (LLB, 1980) says: 'I want other young people to have that same chance I had.'

Help take action against some of the biggest global challenges we face, through Birmingham In Action.