A Birmingham bond of 37 years

When Marcus Hall (BCom Industrial Economics and Business Studies, 1984) first met his new neighbours in Mason Hall in 1981, they instantly clicked. Thirty-seven years later, they are still firm friends.

Fate threw us together and we have never looked back.' Within weeks of meeting, six new friends knew this could be for life. So they needed a name…

'We were huge fans of an affordable local pint called the Springfield. Many a night was spent unwinding after lectures at Selly Oak's Brook Pub with a beer glass in hand. So we became the Springfield Club – I think the beer has been discontinued, but we are still going strong!

'Our lives have criss-crossed so much since our student days. For example, we've been the best men and ushers at each other's weddings and between us are godfathers to seven of the Springfield children!

'We returned to Birmingham many times over the years before we realised we couldn't handle as many pints of Springfield as we once could! Nowadays, we share a laugh and catch up on each other's lives on the golf course. And we all got together for the latest alumni celebration at the House of Lords.

'As well as my brother, who did Geography at Birmingham at the same time as me, the next generation of the Springfield Club is making its mark on campus. My two nieces both studied Physiotherapy, and are now helping people recover from conditions such as strokes. And mine and Martin's sons are both studying at Birmingham right now, and have just finished their first and second years.'

The three Business graduates and three Law graduates have made the most of their degrees, from a stellar career in finance to partners in a law firm. 'But we still feel like students again when we get back together!

'We are very fortunate that so many of us have been able to stay in touch – and it all stems back to that shared experience at Birmingham.'

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