Were you at reunion or our biggest ever global gathering?

Hundreds of alumni from more than 30 countries got together in summer 2019 to share memories, connect with friends old and new, and hear the latest breakthroughs by Birmingham researchers. Can you spot yourself or friends in the galleries below?

Largest Global Alumni Gathering ever

Every year around 25 May, alumni come together wherever they live to celebrate the date the University received Royal Assent in 1900 - in essence, Birmingham's Birthday!

Around 600 graduates from 33 cities in 20 different countries hosted their own events for fellow alumni near them; from tea parties and dinners to afternoon activities and dancing.

Highlights included seven events in China, new alumni associations being formed in India, Rwanda and London, and many countries holding their first gathering.

Back to campus for Alumni Reunion 2019

270 alumni from 10 different countries came back to campus for Reunion on 8 June 2019. Graduates got to tour their old departments, meet friends in the exclusive Alumni Lounge, get hands-on with demonstrations of cutting edge science and talk with academics.

Alumni also got two extra opportunities; the first look at the restored University crests, unveiled by the Vice-Chancellor, and music from the world renowned City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra at the Proms in the spectacular Green Heart amphitheatre.

Spot yourself or friends in the highlights below, visit the full gallery or book your ticket for the next reunion on Saturday 13 June 2020.

If you’d like to come back to campus and meet old friends, tickets are on sale for the Alumni Reunion on Saturday 13 June 2020. Book your place now to join hundreds of fellow graduates on department tours, a buffet lunch in the Great Hall and more.