Global alumni gathering 2018

More than 250 graduates across 17 countries joined the third annual Global Alumni Gathering in May/June 2018.

Alumni around the world volunteered to host their own Global Alumni Gathering events around 25 May, the date when the University received its Royal Assent in 1900.

Speaking in Hangzhou, Hélène Compain-Holt (PGCE Education (French), 1991) spoke about being a Birmingham graduate: ‘Our experience has equipped us to want to make a difference and a contribution to the areas closest to our heart… it is a measure of the success of a university to remain a presence in our lives years after we have left; and maybe the connection grows as we grow older.’

Flags and goodie bags welcomed alumni to brunches, picnics, pub nights and formal dinners. Meet-ups ranged from two firm friends in New Zealand to a community of 35 graduates in Oman. Many recorded videos of congratulations for this year’s new graduates, welcoming the newest members of the alumni community, shared through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Help make the 2019 Global Alumni Gathering even bigger! 

Email the alumni events team to join or host your local gathering.