How to: Careers in Marketing, PR and Tech

From the impact of micro influencers in marketing to Birmingham as a tech and digital hub, these are just a few topics discussed at a series of events about careers in tech, marketing and PR.

Designed for recent graduates, the events hosted at the Studio Birmingham, gave insight into careers in these popular sectors from a panel of professionals.

Attendees heard about different routes into the industries and the speakers gave their tips and advice, including the importance of taking opportunities to expand networks, doing research on companies before applying and being flexible.

Attendee David Sellars said: ‘The event gave me such a great insight to marketing and PR and I feel so motivated to start producing more creative content.’

Hear the speakers' top tips for pursuing a career in tech, marketing or PR in these videos:

The events were live illustrated by Vicky Neville Illustration. Here are a few of the highlights:

an illustration of all the transferable skills in a career in technology

Careers in Tech: Transferable skills: Life experiences are really useful when brought into technology, people skills and teamwork are important, enthusiasm and hard work, follow your passions and tick tech boxes, positive outlook is key, bringing a unique perspective to tech is extremely valuable, digital literacy is changing standing out is important

An illustration of what surprised people most about the PR and Marketing sector

Careers in PR and Marketing: What Surprised you about the sector? The hierarchy breaks down, you can speak and be heard, it's all about collaboration, there is lots of talking, passion is key, personality is really important, it's like putting pipes together things have to flow, it's not a one-man band, it's all about building solid teams.

See more of the illustrations and spot yourself in photographs from the evening: 

Careers in Marketing and PR

Careers in Tech

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