Shaping our region: Birmingham’s local impact

Almost half of our alumni stay in the West Midlands after graduation. So what impact do they have on the area they love?

The University makes a huge contribution to the local community and economy, including supporting one in 50 jobs. In 2017, around 8,000 students volunteered to help local communities through the Guild. 

But perhaps some of the deepest impact is made by alumni. For example, each year more than 1,500 Birmingham alumni join the region's healthcare sector, saving and improving lives across the West Midlands. And you don't need to be head of an organisation to make a big difference – alumni on the front line are changing the lives of so many.

We met with six alumni who are having a huge impact socially, culturally and economically, from community campaigning to leading a revolution in ethical jewellery.

Tell us the impact you have had on the West Midlands by emailing the alumni communications team.