Latest news from your college

Have you kept up with the latest news from your college? Here are the key highlights from the last six months.

The College of Arts and Law (CAL): Arts internship scheme

How can you get your first experience in the arts if you don't yet have any experience to offer? This innovative scheme offers students the chance to get experience in theatre, events, galleries, museums and much more.

College of Social Sciences (COSS): Why we need more female CEOs

In the US in 2015, there were more CEOs called John than there were female CEOs. A new report explores how more businesses can make positive changes.

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS): ‘Hydrogen Hero’ train makes first journey

The launch of the UK’s first fully operating hydrogen train brings us closer to seeing full-scale versions.

HRH Prince of Wales visiting the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR)College of Life and Environmental Sciences (LES): Royal visit to woodland research 

HRH The Prince of Wales visited the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR), which is exploring how forest systems will respond to future increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Medical and Dental School (MDS): Helping people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

The Rheumatology Research Group is developing assessments to predict, prevent and reverse disease pathology.