Campus quiz

How well do you know the University of Birmingham?  Scroll through to test your knowledge with the second edition of our campus quiz!

Bonus Emoji Round!

How well do you know your University in emojis? During lockdown, emoji quizzes became really popular, so we joined in with the fun and created our very own University of Birmingham-themed quiz. 

  Emojis of: 1. Tennis Ball, Judge 2. Mermaid, Fountain 3. Snowflake, Baby, House, Leaf 4. Bride, Arrow Pointing Top Left 5. Swimmer, Money Sign, bank, dinosaur 6. Sheep (leg arrow pointing left) VS City, house 7. Maple leaf, bank. 8. Old man, coffee, clock, rocket. 9. Barber Shop sign, artist. 10. 1, 1, no bell, award. 11. Green Heart 12. Snake, Elephant, Tree 13. (North, arrow up) gate 14. Eight ball, crown, butterfly plus freezing tree, 15. Coffee (Beer pizza wine) 16. Gun, Barrel, Barrel 17. Kangaroo (spoon, up and down arrow) House 18. Graduation cap and soccer ball 19. Exchange 20. Cold face, M (Beer house) ham (beer house) film 21. Queen (envelope lizard bath) hospital 22. Cold face, ham, beer 23. Baby, book (pitch, pitch) 24. A, snake, weight, 25. Bricks

Painting of Old Joe clocktower, Aston Webb Birmingham

Competition time 

For your chance to win a signed University of Birmingham Brumhaus print, send us the answer to the final question by 31 March, 2021.  

Terms and conditions apply.

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1. Edward VII.

2. Baths; they were used by students living in private lodgings that didn’t have bathrooms. The baths were still in the Guild building in the early 1990s.

3. 24; six students and 18 alumni – a whopping six of whom were part of the England women’s hockey team.

4. 1890s 

5. See above competition

*The emoji quiz answers can be found on Twitter.