Birmingham In Action: 2023 update

Launched in 2019, Birmingham In Action brings together charitable projects from across the University, to tackle challenges facing this generation and the next.

Four years on, so many alumni and friends have taken action on causes close to their hearts.

A huge thank you to:

• More than 10,000 alumni and friends across 70 countries, who have made gifts to support life-changing scholarships and research breakthroughs

• Nearly 7,000 volunteers, who have given guest lectures, gathered key research data and mentored more than 4,000 students and recent graduates

How you helped Lamyea's dreams take flight

Aerospace Engineering student Lamyea Ahmed is supported by the Pathways to Birmingham (P2B) programme, which is mostly funded by donors.

'I fell in love with the idea of being a pilot. When I discovered my eyesight wasn't good enough, I thought, why don't I design the aeroplane instead?

'My parents had to move house part way through my A-levels and my new teachers didn't know my capabilities. I remember feeling that perhaps I can't go to university and aerospace engineering may be too big a dream.

'My excitement was reinvigorated when I learnt of P2B. The workshops and online tutoring calmed my doubts.

'P2B meant I could buy a laptop that was able to run the complex software needed for aerospace engineering, and helped me pay for accommodation over the summer, so I could take up an amazing internship.

'I also met many alumni and mentors through P2B, who gave me tips and tricks to acing interviews and navigating university life. I will definitely volunteer as a mentor myself.

'This is a truly life-changing programme.'

See how you can support this life-changing work, taking action together for students, our health, the environment and so much more.