A few hours that can change a life: how alumni are helping students into careers

For current students, finding their career path after graduating can feel like a daunting step. Insights into jobs and careers from Birmingham alumni who have trod the path before them can help them discover inspiring roles and wider opportunities. We talked to alumni who have volunteered their time to give vital insights into the world of work, and asked for their top tips.

Alumni top tips

  • 'Stuffing resources into appropriately labelled folders can help you stay on track - organisation is key!' says Josh
  • 'Volunteering can help you create a network and get greater success in a shorter time,' says Jay
  • 'Consider your personality when you apply for roles,' says Makedah
  • 'As an employer, we want increased creativity, solutions and innovation that comes from having a diverse workforce with a range of life experiences, and we hope students will one day consider working with us,' says Giles
  • 'It doesn't matter if you fail, you learn so much from trying!' says Jay
  • 'Don't worry if you don't have a specific career in mind, your skills can be adapted for most sectors,' says Makedah

Could you offer a few hours to share your career experience with students?

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